Golang has been around for a while now, and it's become quite popular among developers.

It is a simple yet compelling programming language that's well-loved because of its powerful features like concurrency and the fact that it is developed by Google.

Golang is a server-side language that's used in many fields like Data Science, Cloud-Native development, game development, and others.

Big companies like Google, Netflix, and Twitch use Golang, which is one of the reasons you should learn it, too.

Here are my top 5 recommended resources for you to learn Golang. If you want to learn more about Go in general, check out this freeCodeCamp article.

Learn Go Programming by Building 11 Projects – Course by FreeCodeCamp

Learning how to code by building projects is the best and fastest way to become an expert in that technology. This Golang course is completely free, and it's designed by Akhil Sharma and published on freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel.

It covers pretty much all the topics you need to start developing projects in the Go language, and you get valuable content worth a lot for free in just one video.

You'll build the following projects in this course:

  • Simple Web Server
  • YSQL Book Management System
  • SlackBot to Calculate Age
  • Slackbot for File Uploading
  • Email Verifier Tool
  • AWS Lambda
  • CRM Fiber
  • HRMS Fiber
  • Complete serverless stack
  • AI Bot with wolfram and wit.ai

Check out this free course here and start learning Golang.

Golang Interactive Course by StudyTonight

Studytonight provides an interactive way to learn the Go language without installing any extra software. You just need a browser to start the course and you will be learning Golang by actually writing the code.

You will need 7500 coins to take the course, which you can earn by completing other courses for free. You will learn topics like:

  • Types and Variables
  • Operators, Conditionals, and Loops
  • How to Take User Input
  • Functions
  • Pointers, Arrays, and Slices
  • Maps, Structures, and much more.

Start your journey of the Go language with this interactive course here.

Effective Go

Effective Go is a free resource to learn the Go programming language and it is available on the official website of Golang.

This course provides an explanation of all the key concepts in the Go programming language, how to use them, and their syntax.

This guide provides everything from formatting to how concurrency works in Golang. You should check out Effective Go to get an in-depth idea of the Go language.

Visit Effective Go here to learn the Go language.

Go / Golang Crash Course by Traversy Media

This Go language crash course explains all the fundamentals of Golang. Brad Traversy covers all the basic knowledge you need to advance your Go language skills in just 90 minutes.

You don't need any knowledge of Golang if you want to get started with this course. All the codes and programs you are going to practice are already stored in this GitHub Repository.

This is one of the best Golang courses and it has helped many developers to learn the basics of Golang. Brad also helps you set up your Golang environment.

You'll learn fundamentals like:

  • Variable and Types
  • Packages
  • Functions
  • Arrays / Slices
  • Conditionals Loops
  • Maps
  • Range Pointers
  • Closures
  • Structs
  • Interfaces
  • Web and many more.


Gophercises gives you hands-on experience with the Go language by building beginner to advanced-level projects.

This free course contains 20+ projects for you to build from mini-applications to tools and packages. I've completed some of these projects and they helped me to sharpen my Golang skills.

You will not only learn how to code in Golang but how to read standard docs and learn from them, too.

You will practice Golang concepts like:

  • Channels
  • Mutexes
  • Goroutines
  • Functional Options
  • Chaining Interfaces
  • Various parts of the standard library (io, time, and many other packages)
  • Reading input from the command line

Check out Gophercises here and build fun projects!

Wrapping Up

Go programming language is easy to learn and it's one of the most popular programming languages out there right now.

If you want to upgrade your skills and become more successful as a developer, then Golang is a must to learn.

Try these Resources to learn the Go language and start taking advantage of this opportunity. All the best and have fun!