React and Appwrite make a great combination for creating full stack apps.

We just published a course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to use React and Appwrite to create full stack applications. This course is designed and delivered by Hitesh Choudhary, a excellent instructor with a massive following of 850,000 subscribers. It provides a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in React development.

The course is tailored to offer a deep dive into the world of React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, particularly single-page applications. Hitesh Choudhary’s approach in this course balances project-focused learning with detailed theoretical insights. By the end of the course, learners will not only have multiple projects to showcase in their portfolios but also the hands-on experience needed to create full-stack applications.

Core Technologies and Concepts Covered

  1. React Basics and Internal Workings: Understanding the fundamental structure and flow of React applications, including JSX and React libraries.
  2. React Hooks and Project-Based Learning: Deep dive into React hooks like useEffect, useRef, useCallback, and their practical applications.
  3. Virtual DOM, Fibre, and Reconciliation: Exploring React's efficient updating process.
  4. Tailwind CSS Integration: Using Tailwind, a utility-first CSS framework, to style React components efficiently.
  5. React Router: Learning about routing in React applications for navigation between different components.
  6. Context API: Understanding and using React's Context API for state management across components, including applications like dark mode toggling.
  7. Full-Stack Development with Appwrite: Building a full-stack application using Appwrite, an open-source backend server, to handle authentication, databases, queries, and storage.
  8. Redux-Toolkit: Incorporating Redux-Toolkit for state management in React applications, enhancing scalability and maintainability.
  9. Production-Grade Application Development: Focusing on building production-ready components, form handling with React hook form, and integrating TinyMCE editor.

Unique Aspects of the Course

  • Project-Focused Learning: Each section involves building a project, such as a background color changer, currency converter, and a major full-stack application.
  • Comprehensive Theory and Practice: The course covers not only React basics but also advanced concepts like context API, hooks, and the latest React features.
  • Integration of Modern Tools: Incorporating tools like Redux-Toolkit, Tailwind, and Appwrite for real-world application development.


This is a comprehensive resource for anyone aspiring to master React and full-stack development. Its balanced approach of theory and practical projects equips learners with the skills needed to build sophisticated web applications.

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (13-hour course).