In this data visualization course for beginners from Curran Kelleher, you’ll learn how to transform data into meaningful graphical forms. You'll learn how to create visualizations using D3.js and web technologies. D3 is a JavaScript library for visualizing data with HTML, SVG, and CSS.

Besides teaching all about D3, the course also covers the basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SVG so you will have all the prerequisite knowledge to create stunning data visualizations.

This comprehensive course covers the following topics:

  • Why Visualize Data?
  • Inputs for Data Visualization: Data & Tasks
  • Intro to Javascript
  • Intro to HTML, CSS & SVG
  • Intro to D3.js - Let's Make a Face!
  • Making a Bar Chart with D3.js and SVG
  • Customizing Axes of a Bar Chart with D3.js
  • Making a Scatter Plot with D3.js
  • Making Line and Area Charts with D3.js
  • The General Update Pattern of D3.js
  • Marks & Channels in Data Visualization
  • Interaction with Unidirectional Data Flow using D3.js
  • Making a World Map with D3
  • Cheap Tricks for Interaction on a D3.js World Map
  • Blank Canvas
  • Building a Tree Visualization of World Countries with D3.js
  • Color and Size Legends with D3.js
  • Choropleth Map with D3.js
  • Interactive Filtering on a Choropleth Map
  • Using Color in Visualization
  • Scatter Plot with Menus
  • Circles on a Map
  • Line Chart with Multiple Lines
  • Melting and Munging Data with JavaScript
  • Selecting a Year on a Line Chart

You can watch the full video course on the YouTube channel (13 hour watch).