On today's episode of the freeCodeCamp.org podcast, Abbey Rennemeyer chats with Erica Peterson, a founder, entrepreneur, and mother of two who lives and works in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Erica started off in the world of biology, but decided to transition into tech just over a year ago. Last July, she founded Moms Can: Code, an organization that helps mothers learn to code so they can embark on new careers and help their kids learn to code, too.

She's also the founder of Science Tots, a non-profit that helps introduce children to the world of STEM and coding.

This year, Erica was a SXSW accelerator pitch finalist, project entrepreneur finalist, and Startup of the Year semifinalist - and in the podcast, she shares her strategies for creating a pitch, revising it, and making the most out of the competition.

Erica is extremely active in her local community, and spends a great deal of her time helping people learn. She believes that communities are living, breathing entities, and that everyone should be a part of one.

Today, she'll tell us all about how she got into the tech world, how and why she became a founder, and why being a mom who codes is so awesome. She offers advice on how not to suffer from imposter syndrome, how to face your fears, and what to think about if you're planning to become a founder.

You can listen to the full interview here in your browser, or listen to the freeCodeCamp Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. (70 minute listen)