by Joel V Zachariah

Explore a new realm each weekend with #NewLangWeekends!

Are you interested in trying your hand coding in a new language? Join the #NewLangWeekend Challenge!

Together, the travel is better experienced

The world of programming has grown exponentially in the last 60 years. From Plankalkül and Short Code of the 1940s to Swift and Ring of this decade. The focus has significantly shifted from syntax to the logic required. While most languages were developed to improve upon an existing system, each has its unique features and applications.

As a result, it is easy to spark a debate on the best programming languages today. Yet it boils down to this fact:

Most of us begin from a simple language that helps us understand how programming works. Gradually we shift towards application focused alternatives. (SQL for database management/ C# for VR Development, etc). The options truly are numerous and people have tastes of their own for reasons they feel are justified.

But most of us resort to the one or two languages that we are acquainted with — cause why not? If it gets the task done, the purpose is served. Yet, a few of us have that nagging in the back of our minds “Could it have been done differently?”

What if we explored beyond the little we knew? What if we traversed into a new realm, to comprehend the benefits and nuances within? Most importantly, what if we can visualize what is under the hood to understand the fundamentals of a programming language?

I present to you the #NewLangWeekend Challenge!


What is it?

Spend your weekends when you get time from work to explore a new programming language that interests you. Share the learnings and experience on Twitter with the #NewLangWeekend hashtag. In many ways similar to 100DaysOfCode Challenge. The minor difference is focusing on the weekends to learn one programming language in particular.


Why is it beneficial?

When people come together with a common cause in mind, ideas are shared and lessons are learned. We discover how our perspectives differ from the rest and how one can find new ways of tackling a common hurdle.

Yet in our busy lives, finding the people, time and space to gather together and discuss can be challenging. Even on the web, it can be a bit daunting for a few to reach out in public forums to discuss.

So the solution #NewLangWeekend aims to provide is an open channel for you to tweet about your learnings and see what others are learning.


What is the ultimate goal of the challenge?

Keeping your consistency. Learning something new always comes with a lot of hurdles. This can be clearing the beginner doubts, understanding the implementation, and actually applying your learnings to build something from scratch.

By focusing on the drive to explore, join us to dive into a new programming language each weekend. Spend the 48 or so hours understanding the basics. Chart out a road map of pursuing your path in this language and update about the same on Twitter.

If you like, you can continue learning the same through the weeks to come. Or if you feel saturated, have a change of perspective as you learn another language. The aim of the pursuit is to explore as many options out there and see what interests you to continue forward.

Photo by Danial RiCaRoS on Unsplash

How can I get started?

  1. Decide on a language you would like to start
  2. Every weekend, spend some time to learn the same from your resources
  3. Tweet about the same using the #NewLangWeekend
  4. Keep yourself accountable to the dynamic community online by pursuing the same every weekend.
  5. When you feel it is time for a switch, dive into the next option
Caution: While we explore various options out there, be sure to not fall for the Jack of trades, master of none issue. Always keep an open mind but have a firm ground on one language (nearly) always backing you up.
Every year has 52 weekends — how many of those are going to transform you?

Want a starting point? This playlist may help.

So if you are game, join the movement to see what a drive and a supportive community can do to empower you! We look forward to seeing a vibrant community rise and learn together.