Here's an exciting announcement that'll help make your summer a little busier and a lot more educational. Two developers and teachers are running a free, part time, remote bootcamp where you'll go through the freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certification together.

You might be thinking that bootcamps are expensive, full time experiences. And they can be. But over the past few years, Ramón and Jess from the Bad Website Club have been teaching informal, online, peer supported bootcamps based around the freeCodeCamp materials for free.

They've taught over 35,000 unique students and would love to learn with you. They'll be going through the Responsive Web Design Certification in just one month, starting August 1st and ending on the 31st.

But don't worry if you need more time to finish. This bootcamp has no entrance applications, no tests, and no deadlines. They just want to support you as you learn to code in low-stress environment.

Let's learn a bit more about how the bootcamp will be structured:

Live-streamed Lessons

During the program, they will help get you started with your freeCodeCamp lessons every weekday with a relaxed Q&A component. This will help you not feel stuck on a concept for too long.

You won’t do all of the lesson steps together – you’ll still need to do the hard parts on your own. But don’t worry. Help is available via the Discord and Forum, even when the streams aren’t on.

Livestreams are planned Monday through Friday on YouTube or on our instructors' Twitch Channels at 6:00am GMT/your local time here. And don’t worry if the time slot doesn’t work for you, all streams will be available as videos later.

Live-streamed Guest Sessions

With our past bootcamps, we’ve had industry experts join us to talk about creativity, HTML, standards, accessibility and more.

We’ll be continuing our guest sessions, holding them on various days of the week and at various times of day during August. This will help make live access more accessible to attendees from different timezones.

Even if the lessons aren’t at a good time to view live, we hope we’ll have some guest sessions to match your interests and your schedules. And replays of the videos will be available for you to watch any time.

Peer Support via Discord

When Ramón and I aren’t teaching bootcamps, we’re running the Bad Website Club. Join us in our busy, friendly Discord if you want to chat with instructors, get peer support, or just hang out in (near) real time.

Community Support via the freeCodeCamp Forum

We’re partnering more closely with the freeCodeClub platform this time. There is a dedicated sub-forum on the freeCodeCamp forums here.

Certificates and Support

Due to the scale of these courses, we’re not able to offer 1:1 support for learners or job support after finishing up. But you will get the freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design certificate when you finish the course.

Don’t worry if you fall behind or need a little extra time. Trying to do this all in one month is a lot! Your progress on the freeCodeCamp platform will be saved when you sign in and go through the lessons, and you can come back whenever you need to.

How Do I Sign Up?

Excitingly, you don’t have to. Instead of signing up or applying, you can do any of the following steps to connect with the community and join us for our first lesson.

Set up a reminder for the kickoff party July 31:

Set a reminder for the first lesson Aug 1st:

Introduce yourself in the forums:

Join the Discord: