Does freeCodeCamp really need yet another Python course?

Between the curriculum and the YouTube channel, freeCodeCamp has quite a few Python programming courses. But which Python course should you take?

In this article, I'll rank every singe freeCodeCamp beginner's Python course from best to worst. So which is the best?

They are all the best! None are the worst!

The real question is which Python course is best for you. Different people have different learning styles and different needs.

So every one of the freeCodeCamp Python courses is best for somebody. And for many people it is helpful to go through multiple Python courses to really solidify their understanding.

Here is every beginner's Python course from freeCodeCamp in no particular order.

(And we have tons of other Python courses not featured in this article that can help you improve your Python skills after you start with one of these courses.)

Learn Python from Mike Dane

This is quite possibly the most viewed complete Python course in the history of the universe. Tons of people love Mike Dane's teaching style. He uses the PyCharm IDE and makes frequent references to pop culture.

This course is best for people who love NASA and like relatable teachers.

Learn Python from Beau Carnes

I'm particularly partial to this course. In fact, it may be my favorite one on this list. It is also the only one created by me. 😉

You will learn the fundamentals of Python and code two Python programs line-by-line. And you will learn how to do everything right in your web browser without installing any software.

This course is best for people who want a more interactive learning experience.

Learn Python from Dr. Chuck

This course is considered by many to be one of the best Python courses. It is taught by Dr. Charles Severance (aka Dr. Chuck). He is a professor at the University of Michigan and one of the most popular instructors on Coursera.

Dr. Chuck goes into more Python background and programming theory than the other courses on this list.

This course is best for people who prefer to learn from a university professor.

Learn Python from Jabrils

Jabrils runs one of the more creative technical channels on YouTube. In this course, he teaches programming fundamentals using both Python and C#. This course was commissioned by YouTube (the company). Jabrils does a good job making the course relatable for beginners.

This course is best for people who want to learn Python while also learning how it's different from C#.

Learn Python in Español

freeCodeCamp has YouTube channels in many languages, including Spanish. Estefania Cassingena Navone developed this course. She runs the freeCodeCamp Español channel and she has a knack for breaking down technical concepts to make them easier for beginners to understand.

This course is best for people who speak Spanish.

Learn Python in Japanese

This course is from our Japanese channel. Toshiki Yasuda teaches this course. He is an experienced developer and a great teacher.

This course is best for people who speak Japanese.

Learn Python from Bobby Stearman

Bobby Stearman narrowly beats out Dr. Chuck for being the Python teacher with the most tattoos. Bobby based this course on the official Python documentation.

This course is best for people who want to learn using the official documentation and who like the color purple.

Learn Python from Octallium

Anil Kulkarni from the Octallium channel developed this course. The course focuses on basic programming concepts rather than just teaching the language syntax.

People often confuse learning language syntax with learning programming. This course will guide you through the basic principles needed to learn Python in an efficient manner.

This course is best for people who want to understand the concepts behind the syntax.

Learn Python Interactively

Learn to Code — For Free

The Python course on the core website uses Dr. Chuck's Python for Everybody videos to teach Python. And after learning the content, you will have to complete five certification projects.

After you successfully complete every project, you will earn the Scientific Computing with Python Certification.

This course is best for people who want to earn certifications.


freeCodeCamp has a lot of great Python courses. And we will continue to publish more great content to help people understand more about the Python programming language (and other programming languages).

If one instructor isn't working for you, you can always try a different instructor. And learning from multiple people is often the best way to solidify your understanding.