Learn how to pass the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification with this free 6-hour course!

This is a significant milestone for free cloud certifications courses, since we now have on freeCodeCamp all the three major cloud service providers (AWS, Azure and GCP).

What is the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader?

The Digital Leader is Google Cloud's foundational certification, it covers the core concepts of cloud and GCP cloud services.


For years the cloud community has been asking and waiting for a GCP Foundational certification similar to AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) or Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) and that wait has finally ended due to Google releasing the Cloud Digital Leader.

However Google's decided to do something different, which was to increase the overall difficult and scope of  required to pass this certification, where when comparing it to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is 3 times more difficult.


Google Cloud Certifications (even at the professional level) have been criticized for being easy comparative to AWS and Azure, and foundational certifications have been considered too easy as well, so this  this could be Google reacting to these two sentiments.

Overview of the Google Cloud Digital Leader

The Google Cloud Digital Leader is composed of the following domains:

  1. Setting up a cloud solution environment
  2. Planning and configuring a cloud solution
  3. Deploying and implementing a cloud solution
  4. Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution
  5. Configuring access and security

How do you get Certified?

Google uses Kryterion as its  test center. You can take the exam in-person or online.

There are 60 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions and you have to score 70% to pass

The Google Cloud Digital Leader is $99 USD.

Can I simply watch the videos and pass the exam?

Unlike the CLF-C01 or AZ-900, this foundational certification difficulty is due to the complex wording of the questions. If you are new to Google or this is your first cloud certification it is strongly recommended to use paid practice exams.

ExamPro has multiple paid practice exams along with other study materials to increase your chances of passing.

Head on over to freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel to start working through the full 6.0 hour course.