Here are three links worth your time:

  1. Google cofounder Sergey Brin talks about AI, automation, and the future of education (34 minute watch)
  2. A brief history of random numbers (8 minute read)
  3. Priest Willis interviews me about freeCodeCamp and the future of education (40 minute listen)

Thought of the day:

“Everyone should have access to education. Primary education, secondary, university, and for that matter, post-graduate work. Those things are extraordinarily expensive today, but that’s an artifact of the infrastructure. We assume we need big buildings and fancy classrooms and things like that. I don’t think those are necessary. It’s fine to have those for some folks. But education should be universally accessible.” — Sergey Brin

Funny of the day:

Webcomic by XKCD

Study group of the day:

freeCodeCamp Orange County

Happy coding!

– Quincy Larson, teacher at freeCodeCamp