Now you can get the same free and ad-free freeCodeCamp learning experience in Hindi.

Today I'm excited to announce that we've launched a Hindi-language YouTube channel and Discord Chat server.

And later this year, we'll roll out a Hindi-language version of freeCodeCamp's curriculum, a Hindi forum, and more.

We also hope to eventually translate freeCodeCamp into other major languages from the region, such as Bengali and Urdu.

The freeCodeCamp Hindi YouTube Channel

So far, we already have two full courses on the channel: Flutter and Python.

And Saturday we will live-stream the first segment of our 5-week-long Data Science with Python course.

You can subscribe to the freeCodeCamp Hindi channel here.

This channel is run by prolific YouTuber Pawan Kumar.

Pawan is a Google Developer Expert for technologies like Flutter, Dart, and Firebase. He also runs a tech youtube channel called MTECHVIRAL.

Pawan works as a head of Mobile Engineering at Frontier Wallet. He started his career as an Android dev when he was in college. He likes to experiment with new technologies, and talk about them at events and on his Twitter.

Pawan has helped many developers until now around the world in learning new technologies and getting tech jobs.

"When I was a child, I didn’t have many resources to learn new things. So I decided to help others in learning new awesome things." – Pawan Kumar

And this lead to him creating the official Hindi-language freeCodeCamp YouTube channel.

The Hindi Discord Chat Server

We also just launched a Discord chat server where the global Hindi-speaking community can hang out and talk about tech and programming.

This follows the same strictly-enforced Code of Conduct as the rest of freeCodeCamp.

Pawan is a moderator here, along with Mrugesh Mohapatra from freeCodeCamp's core team.

The future of freeCodeCamp's Internationalization Efforts

Our community is making steady progress in our internationalization efforts. Look for some other big announcements in the coming months.

Our goal is to eventually have a translated curriculum for every major world language, and in many cases also forums, Discord servers, and YouTube channels.

Again, you can subscribe to the Hindi YouTube channel here.

And you can join the Hindi Discord chat server here.

Happy coding.