Sometimes trying a new technology mashup works wonders. Both Magento 2 + Angular 4 are very commonly talked about, and many consider them to be the future of the development industry.

For example, I recently used Magento + Angular 4 to build a super-efficient HR management portal.

Learning With the Best Examples

One of the most sought after features of an hr portal is “managing diverse requirements promptly". This means that the human resources department need a software to manages the whole employee performance life cycle and other HR activities at a click of a button. For example, handling onboarding of employees, performance appraisals, training and development, leave management, grievance management, disciplinary processes, etc etc. then they review the final outcome.

The HR portal I built is an intuitive online management software that reported as high as 90 percent better output than other tools. However, it suffered from many challenges such as the speed of software, output quality, and promptness.


A user typically enters numerous details in combinations and has a hop between step 1 and step 2. Every time the user hops between different tabs, the entire details of the employee get reloaded. This is annoying and the chance of user abandonment is high.

The prototype of such an independent HR portal worked great. However, developing it was a complex task. Our developers had to make AngularJS and Magento (PHP) work together as a last resort.

My firm ValueCoders software development company which is a world leader in IT and software solutions has its own development team that worked at their wits’ end on this HR portal.

Why Magento With Angular 4 for HR Portal?

Before coming to us, our client had already received offers from different development agencies. And, as a friendly favor, my team was asked to review all those ideas for their hr portal. But, I was amazed to see that one of them had sent only one thing that they were going to build the hr portal with the typescript-based framework Angular.

And that wasn’t all. They had even tried to hide the fact that this technology wasn’t enough to build the hr portal. Instead, they promoted their brand and also proposed a price that didn't justify making an online HR portal with high-quality propositions.

The crux of the matter is why we have used Magento with AngularJS for HR portal.


No doubt, Magento is one of the most popular open-source CMS systems written in PHP that justifies that each e-portal has to be unique. With its out-of-the-box features, open-source architecture, and REST API, Magento gives an unrivaled ability to customize and third-party integrations to your app that you could only dream of.

However, the rise of internet connectivity, smartphones, and tablets have directly affected the e-commerce CMS market. Today customers don’t just expect an e-portal or hr portal to be unique but also want it to work fast and seamlessly. In an attempt to bring a native feel to the website is the biggest advantage of MVC JavaScript framework like AngularJS. Some praise it as the future of the e-commerce development industry and others call it a trendy gimmick.

Having an MVC framework meant that customers can traverse through the hr portal from page to page or view by view and not like a book. This means instead of refreshing the entire web page the user navigates to an internal page and only the relevant section will be updated. The result is the blazing fast loading hr portal because the inner pages of the website never load.

Explaining the entirety of AngularJS and Magento is beyond the scope of this article, but we will look at the quick code snippets for a comprehensive guide on the HRM tutorial.

Before we move towards the more technical details, a brief introduction of what type of hr portal we’ve dealt with here seems to be in place.

Features of HR Portal


The client is Australia’s leading HRIS platform that manages the whole employee lifecycle at the click of a button. They help centralize HR activities and improve the efficiency of your business with lots of awesome features.

After some discussions with the client, a few specs crystallized:

  • To develop a hr portal for managing and facilitating all functions of the Human resource department in the enterprises which deals with payroll, performance, employees management, recruitment, training etc.
  • Client-side should be strong and able to manage diverse requirements promptly.
  • Developing a hr portal that provides smart way to manage HRM and save both money and time.
  • No loss to quality of the website.

These are pretty good set of features for an hr portal. This is exactly what our client want from us with a new mashup of technology. So if you want to know the end result, here's is an overview of the coding on Angular 4 for the hr portal.

So that's I tried to do. And hit the jackpot. Now that I have covered all the contextual things, I can finally you take to more technical stuff.  

Showing one of the features of the hr portal that is organizational structuring or treemapping, wherein a user can check the complete details of an employee by entering employee id, name, department or operations type.  This tool give you a method for displaying hierarchical data using nested figures and in just one click of enter tab.

Let's Code With Angular 4:

Coding on Angular 4 For Organizational Chart/Employee Details
Coding on Angular 4 For Organizational Chart/Employee Details
After getting the hr portal foundation ready using Angular 4, one of the first challenges was to add features on a different development environment.

Here's another illustration with the PHP codes:


Considering the above examples, hopefully this will save someone out there fair amount of time and efforts spend in the coding to get this type of HR portal ready for your business.

To Sum Up My Experience

This hr portal project taught me continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring of the software solution before submitting to a new release to the app stores. However, a few simple things I still considered a necessary:

  • The client company always want to automate everything that can be automated. It is possible only with the team of developers. So I was determined to hire Angular developers that have desirable experience in the industry and can make the development process as easy as possible.
  • If there is one thing you can count on the way of developing your hr portal, it's that you'll take the help of dedicated developers before you start the actual app/web development process.    

Admittedly, the technology is ever changing and far from perfect. But I and many other developers would not hesitate to use them again and again. As always, if you are looking for any help on HR portal development feel free to get in touch.

And, if you're looking for experienced Angular developers, Magento developers and interested to hire them for your next hr portal project, ValueCoders software development team is there to help you!

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