by Tiffany White

How to bind this in React without a Constructor

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this in React is a reference to the current component. Usually this in React is bound to its built-in methods. When you want to update state or use an event handler on a form, you could do something like this:

where this.someInput is passing state to whichever React component you are rendering.

Unfortunately, though, React doesn’t auto-bind this to custom methods. This means that if I wanted to manipulate the DOM by getting some input, which you can't do as you can with normal JavaScript, I would create a ref to do whatever DOM tinkering I wanted.

But because React doesn’t auto-bind this, the following code would output undefined when logged:

In order to avoid this, we could use the constructor function to render the component or get the state we want:

While this is a decent way to render a ref on a component, what if you wanted to bind several custom methods in one component? It would get pretty messy…

You get the idea.

Instead, we can bind this to custom React methods by declaring a method by assigning it to an arrow function:

which will allow us to bind the value of this to the SomeComponent component.

Hope This Helps!

ES6 gave us classes and constructors and React utilized them right away. You don’t always need a constructor, and it helps to know when to use one and when not to.

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