by Vinicius Gularte

How to get your own GitHub Student Developer Pack


Hello people! Today I am going to show you how I got my student pack from GitHub and how you can get it too.

Here are some advantages of the student package:

  • Unlimited private repositories.
  • Access to developer tools for free.
  • $50 in Digital Ocean credit.
  • Here is a complete list.


To get the student pack, you have to meet these requirements:

  • Must be enrolled in a degree- or diploma-granting course of study.
  • Must be a student aged 13+.
  • Must have a GitHub account.

If you meet these requirements, we will continue.

How to get the pack

You get access here and click to join GitHub Education.

You are going to see this:


Fill out this form and click on next.

Now we have two options for validating our school degree.

With an email from your school like


Upload proof of your academic status.

In my case, I uploaded my academic status in Brazilian Portuguese, and it worked very well. One week later I received this:


The Student Pack will last for two years. You can renew the plan if you are still studying at that point.

This is it. I hope you have enjoyed it, do not forget to ?. See you soon.