Do you wonder what the steps are to get your website online? Maybe you don't even have a website yet but you have a website idea?

We've released a crash course on the YouTube channel that will take you from a website idea all the way to getting the website online with a custom URL. If you've ever wondered how a domain like points to your personal website, this is the course for you.

First, you will learn how to create a simple website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, starting with a website template. (If you already have a website you want to put online—great! Just skip this section and go to the next one.)

Then, you will learn how to get a custom URL. This is the name people type into their web browsers to get to your website.

Finally, you will learn how to host your website files and make your custom URL point to your website files. You will learn two different ways to host your website, including a way to host your website for free.

Along the way you will also learn how to configure your DNS settings, create a custom email address, and install WordPress.

This course was developed by me, Beau Carnes. I've created many software courses over the years on YouTube and other platforms, and have designed entire sections of freeCodeCamp's core curriculum.

Here is a list of skills I cover in this crash course:

  • How to create a simple static website
  • How to get a custom URL
  • How to get web hosting
  • Or how to hosting your website for free with GitHub Pages if you want to save money
  • How to create a custom email address at your new domain
  • How to update your Nameservers
  • And how to update your DNS settings

And yes, I cover all of this in an hour. Strap in and get ready for some serious learning.

You can watch the full course on the YouTube channel (1-hour watch).