If you are using a Windows operating system, you have likely used the latest Windows PowerShell at least once.

Whenever you open PowerShell using Windows Terminal, you get a text message inside the terminal which shows the PowerShell version, the link to download the latest PowerShell, and so on.


Sometimes this can be annoying, and you might want to remove that text so that message never appears again. There is a way to do that, and in this article I will show you how you can remove the starting text from the terminal once and for all! ✌️

Firstly, open PowerShell in Windows Terminal. You will get the starting text as usual.


Click the drop down button to get the menu under it.


Go to Settings.


You will get an interface like below:


Click Open JSON file.


The JSON fill will be opened in a text editor. For me, it is Notepad – but for you, it might be VS Code or any other text editor you want.


Scroll down until you find the PowerShell block like below.


Add "commandline": "pwsh.exe -nologo", like below.


The command should be like this for the PowerShell block:


Then save the file. You can use the shortcut keys Ctrl + S for this as well.

Click Save.


Close all the tabs.


Reopen the terminal and see the magic! 🪄



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