Have you ever needed to rename a Git branch? If so, this article will assist you in resolving the problem.

Git makes it simple to rename a git branch both locally and remotely. Let's take a look at the solution.

Why would you need to rename a branch in Git?

Git branches are distinct stages in the development of your project. They give you a way to work alongside your master branch while keeping it free of clutter and unfinished code.

In a hurry, you might name a branch that doesn't accurately describe the code, or you might want to rename it. Most people want to change their branch names in these situations.

How to rename a local git branch

You can use this command if you are already in the local branch you want to rename.

git branch -m <new_name>

If you're on a different branch and want to rename it, use the command below:

git branch -m <old_name> <new_name>

Use the command below to determine your current branch name:

git status 

How to rename a remote git branch

If you want to rename a branch that has already been pushed to a remote repository, use the command below:

git push origin -u <new_name>

And now you will need to delete the old name. To do this, use this command:

git push origin --delete <old_name>

To check the changes you just did, login into your client portal, and check the repository you just changed.

That's a wrap! Isn’t it so simple? πŸ₯³

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