by Chris Loveless

Sharing My Coding Journey

I’ve thought about blogging my coding journey for a while, but nobody would read it unless I pestered them to.

Not me btw.

But if I blog on Medium, Free Code Camp can pick up my blog post and publish it here to the entire community.

Woo hoo!

I’m learning some basic Medium tips, such as:

1) always post with a big image at the top, and use fun images throughout your post.

2) keep your post tightly focused.

3) if you’re struggling with something, other people are probably having that issue too. So blog about it.

Medium makes it so easy to create and share content like this.

I plan to post more often, and hopefully a lot of my posts will end up here in Free Code Camp’s publication.

Check out that snazzy looking publication.

Join me by creating a Medium account, then going to and clicking the “follow” button.

Then start writing about your coding journey.