by lars verspohl

Introducing the Data Visualization Community Survey 2017

Data visualization is a funny fish. It sort of stands on its own feet (or fins), but is also intimately entangled with other disciplines like statistics, machine learning, data engineering, front-end development, and design. Its creations are equally varied, ranging from the all-mighty bar chart to full-on data art.

This means that data visualization skills are in demand from all sorts of neighbouring disciplines. But it also means that data visualization is poorly understood by budget and decision makers, who may see it as a nice-to-have that requires justification.

The Visualization Community Survey 2017 tries to build a base to better understand the people working in the field, how they work, and what their problems are.

The general goal is to get a better picture of the field of data visualization itself, where it stands, and where it’s headed. More specifically it should help community discussions about what practitioners need so they can argue their corner or further their work.

Whether you produce data visualizations as just one part of your job, or you spending 120% of your work day on it, you are a valuable voice in this.

So pretty please, if you have 10 minutes spare, head over to…

…and fill it in and help spread the word with a like ?

The survey is completely anonymous. We’ll release the results on Github, so everyone can help analyze/shape/visualize the results.

Thank you !

PS: the survey is a result of community discussions on Twitter, Slack, and elsewhere, with many individuals involved. Survey questions and the final draft are based on community efforts and edited by Elijah Meeks and others.