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A Free Code Camp coffee-and-code in New York City

Jump Start Your Local Campsite with Coffee-and-Code

Our Facebook Campsites are a great way to meet people in your city and practice coding. Anyone can help make their campsite more active by participating in or hosting Coffee-and-Code sessions.

Free Code Camp Montreal campers meet for a coffee-and-code

Coffee-and-code sessions are informal get-togethers where you can hang out and code with other campers in your city.

We recently polled our Local Leaders to ask for tips on hosting your own coffee-and-code sessions. Here’s what they had to say.

Campers hold a a coffee-and-code in Surigao

Keep it Casual

Choose some times that work well for you, then create a Facebook poll to see which of those times is most popular with other campers.

Announce it in Advance

Campers come from all walks of life, but most have jobs or families that keep them busy when they’re not coding. The more notice you give before your Coffee-and-Code, the more people will be able to attend.

A Free Code Camp Pittsburgh coffee-and-code

Try Different Public Venues

Don’t be afraid to try a few different spots to find the best venue to hang out in. Campers have had success in libraries, coffee shops, and even bars.

Don’t Worry about Attendance

People are busy. Try to block out a few hours so that campers can come and go as their schedule permits. It only takes two curious campers to have a successful Coffee-and-Code session.

Join our Local Leaders Facebook group to learn more and post your own tips.