It is important for all web developers to be familiar with CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is responsible for the styling and looks of a website. Learn how to use it in this complete 6-hour course for beginners from Jad Khalili.

This free video course covers CSS from the ground up. You will learn everything from basic skills, such as coloring and text, to highly advanced skills, like custom animations.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in this course:

  • how to color text and elements,
  • how to format sections on a website,
  • how to change the style and size of text,
  • how to use CSS to layout elements on a page,
  • how to use CSS Grid,
  • how to use CSS Flexbox,
  • how to animate elements on a page,
  • how to add transitions to animations,
  • and more!

Watch the full 6-hour course below or on the YouTube channel.