In this talk, Designer turned Software Developer Lenora Porter talks about her journey learning Ember.js. She also shares her tips for beginners who are about to start their journey.

Here are her top 4 take-aways:

How to Learn Ember.js

Have the Mindset of a Beginner

This is the foundational work. When starting to learn just about anything, it is important to cultivate your mind and prepare for the journey.

Pre-curriculum Prep Work

Do some research on yourself. How do you learn? What motivates you? Once you have these questions answered, you are ready to move on.

Create your own Curriculum

Once you have your mind prepared for the task at hand, make a list of to-do's that will help you keep on course. These can be daily tasks, or weekly tasks, depending on your schedule. Use whatever tools you are comfortable with to break-down your learning goals.

Try -> Fail -> Learn -> Repeat

This is the mantra for all new beginners, and it's not easy! To make this part easier, Leonora advises finding a mentor or coach, or newbies in the same position as you to make your journey easier.

And don't forget to set aside time to give your brain a rest!

Ember.js resources

If you want to dive into each of these in more detail, and get some Ember.js-specific advise on creating your own curriculum, you can watch Lenora's talk below.

This article was written by Ania Kubow in support of the conference talk made by Lenora Porter.

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