React Router is a JavaScript library that helps developers create single-page applications that are responsive and have a dynamic user interface. It is a popular tool among React developers and is used to create routing and navigation for web applications.

We just published a course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to use React Router version 6.

John Smilga has created many extremely popular courses and now he will teach you React Router.

React Router v6 is a complete rewrite of the previous versions. The biggest difference is that v6 is a static router and does not keep track of any state internally. This means that v6 is much simpler and easier to use than previous versions.

Another difference is that v6 uses a new URL parsing algorithm that is more compliant with the RFC standard. This means that v6 is more likely to work with other software that also uses RFC compliant URL parsing.

Here are the sections in this course:

  • First Pages
  • Page Components
  • Link Component
  • Error Page
  • Navbar
  • Nested Routes
  • Shared Layout
  • Index Pages
  • NavLink Component
  • URL Params
  • Single Product
  • useNavigate()
  • Protected Route
  • Refactor

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (1.5 hour watch).