Hey friends, March was a hard month. April may be even harder.

I hope you and your family are staying safe during this pandemic.

I'm excited to give you some good news among all the bad news. Something productive we can all do from home while we wait for healthcare workers to beat back this pandemic.

On April 14, the freeCodeCamp community YouTube hosted a free conference on our YouTube channel. And we've published the full video ad-free for you to watch at your convenience.

Note that the audio when I'm talking at the beginning is a bit echo-y for the first minute, but sounds fine after that.

? Watch all 4 developer panels here on YouTube here. ?

We worked with our friends at Hashnode to put together a live stream of 4 back-to-back panels of developers discussing:

  1. How to learn new skills while social distancing
  2. How to work from home productively and stay sane
  3. How to find companies who are still hiring and apply for developer jobs
  4. How to land freelance work during the pandemic

Hashnode co-founder Fazle and I MC'd the event. And each of the panels had 3 developers from around the world, answering questions from the community.

We live streamed the entire conference for free.

Here are the 12 panelists for the conference (the links lead to their Twitter so you can follow them there):

Again, you can ? Watch the full conference here on YouTube. ?

You can also join freeCodeCamp's new Discord server, where we're providing each other with moral support during this pandemic.