An eternity ago in the year of 2012, a few Stanford professors decided to make their courses freely available online.

The media christened these courses "MOOCs" – Massive Open Online Courses. And they hailed 2012 as "Year of the MOOC."


Now, a decade later, the MOOC ecosystem has reached 220M learners and 19.4K courses from~1,000 universities. I have been cataloging the courses over at Class Central, a Tripadvisor for online education. We have helped over 50 million learners find their next course. We just turned 10!

If these courses don’t interest you, either browse Class Central’s extensive catalog of 50,000 online courses via our subjects page, or have a look at our curated course collections.

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Class Central Homepage

My Course Ranking Methodology

First, I went through Class Central’s database and made a list of all the courses that were offered for the first time ever in 2021. This was around 2900 courses.

Then I wrote scrapers to collect enrollment numbers across four different providers: Coursera, edX, FutureLearn (a big European MOOC platform), and Swayam (a big Indian MOOC platform). They all show how many students are enrolled on their course pages.

Combined, these providers have garnered over 6.8 million enrollments for courses launched in 2021.

Two courses from popular MOOC instructor Barbara Oakley also made the list. These courses, Uncommon Sense Teaching and Learn Like a Pro, are also part of Class Central’s Best of All Time compilation.

Without further ado, here are...

Below are the most popular free online courses launched in 2021 (sorted by popularity).

Excel for Everyone: Core Foundations
The University of British Columbia via edX
Learn Excel fundamentals including data wrangling, spreadsheet management, and basic data analysis.

Introduction to Statistics
Stanford University via Coursera
You will gain the foundational skills that prepare you to pursue more advanced topics in statistical thinking and machine learning.

Inglés para todos: nivel básico
Universidad del Rosario via edX
Este curso te proporciona herramientas para que inicies tu aprendizaje de inglés desde las expresiones y estructuras más básicas.

CS50's Introduction to Programming with Scratch
Harvard University via edX
A gentle introduction to programming that prepares you for subsequent courses in coding.

The Digital Marketing Revolution
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Coursera
This course examines this issue by asking how the Digital Revolution has impacted marketing in an analog world. The learning approach will be highly interactive, meaning that you will have both the opportunity to engage in a variety of hands-on activities and to participate as a member of a rich learning community.
★★★★★ (7 ratings)

Financial Accounting
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
How do investors, creditors, and other users analyze financial statements to assess corporate performance? Learn financial accounting, how to read financial statements, and how to gather inputs to valuation models.

Early Childhood Development: Global Strategies for Implementation
Harvard University via edX
Examine best practices in child and family policies, advocacy, financing, and pathways to scale—learning how to generate innovative, scalable intervention strategies that supports early childhood development. Together, Harvard University and UNICEF bring global experience from communities to policy makers, evidence and experts from around the world.

Mental Health and Nutrition
University of Canterbury via edX
Learn what foods and nutrients should and should not be consumed to improve mental wellbeing and explore the fundamental role that nutrition plays in our mental health.

Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
Learn the mathematical foundations essential for financial engineering and quantitative finance: linear algebra, optimization, probability, stochastic processes, statistics, and applied computational techniques in R.

Remote Work Revolution for Everyone
Harvard Business School via edX
In Remote Work Revolution for Everyone, you will learn to excel in the virtual-work landscape. You will learn how to build trust, increase productivity, use digital tools intelligently, and remain fully aligned with your remote team.

A Bridge to the World: Korean Language for Beginners Ⅰ
Sungkyunkwan University via Coursera
This course is an introductory course to Korean language that aims to cultivate basic communication skill for those that are interested in learning Korean language.

Food Fermentation: The Science of Cooking with Microbes
Harvard University via edX
In Food Fermentation: The Science of Cooking with Microbes, explore the roles that microbes play in the production, preservation, and enhancement of diverse foods in a variety of culinary traditions, and learn about the history of food fermentations.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
University System of Maryland via edX
Learn the varied and changing approaches to digital marketing, such as mobile and omnichannel marketing and attribution and marketing mix modeling to inform your organization’s digital marketing strategy.

Entrepreneurship Adventures - مغامرات ريادة الأعمال
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) via edX
خلال ثمانية أسابيع ستساعدك دورة مغامرات ريادة الأعمال على تطوير فكرك الريادي وبناء فريق عمل متكامل والانطلاق بمشروعك الناشئ. تمنحك هذه الرحلة تجربة مثيرة تضعك في غرفة التحكم لتختبر قدرتك على اتّخاذ القرارات اليومية والمصيرية التي يواجهها رواد الأعمال عند الانطلاق بمشاريعهم الناشئة. ستخوض في كل أسبوع مغامرة شيقة لتتحدى أفكارك المسبقة عن ريادة الأعمال وتختبر قدراتك القيادية وتتعلم من مغامرات أصحاب المشاريع الريادية. بنهاية هذه المغامرة سجد فرصتك لبداية مشروعك الريادي!

Human Resources Analytics
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
This course focuses on identifying effective data sources, developing meaningful metrics, designing long-term measures, and applying results in support of organizational strategy and tactics.

IELTS Writing Section Skills Mastery
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
The lessons in this course will improve your overall skills in writing and prepare you for every type of writing prompt on the test, increasing your chances of getting your target band score.

Derivatives Markets: Advanced Modeling and Strategies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
Financial derivatives are ubiquitous in global capital markets. Students will obtain a sophisticated understanding of valuation methods; tools for quantifying, hedging, and speculating on risk; and a basic familiarity with major markets and instruments.

Data Analysis: Statistical Modeling and Computation in Applications
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
A hands-on introduction to the interplay between statistics and computation for the analysis of real data. -- Part of the MITx MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science.

Blended and Online Learning Design
University College London via FutureLearn
Learn to develop the best pedagogy for your students using blended and online learning methods.

JavaScript Basics
University of California, Davis via Coursera
This course introduces the programming language JavaScript and shows the websites that include the type of interactions students will eventually be able to develop.  Learners will understand the importance of how JavaScript was developed and why such history impacts the way JavaScript is currently written and in future releases.

Low-Budget Video Production: Visual Communication for Small Charities
The Open University via FutureLearn
Understand how video can expand and enhance your organisation’s communications and develop practical skills for your productions.

UX Design
HEC Montréal via edX
Master Design Thinking and UX Design through user-centred design to deliver innovative user experiences. Learn divergent ideation methods to bring creativity to problem-solving, and convergent ideation methods to innovate within your business context.

Essentials Of Data Science With R Software - 1: Probability And Statistical Inference
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur via Swayam
Any data analysis is incomplete without statistics. After getting the data, the statistical tools aims to extract the information hidden inside the data.

Foundations of Modern Finance II
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
Learn fundamental principles of modern finance, including valuation models, methods for risk analysis, derivative instruments and investment management.

Excel for Everyone: Data Management
The University of British Columbia via edX
Further your Excel skills to manage larger datasets and more complex data wrangling, management and modelling.

Academic English
University of Queensland via edX
A practical and introductory course to build your skills in academic writing.
★★★★★ (1 rating)

Online Advertising & Social Media
University of Maryland, College Park via edX
Learn how to develop Online Advertising Ecosystems complete with Social Media/Social Network and Media Big Data analysis for better decision making in all forms of outreach.

Arduino para niños ¡vamos al espacio!
The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana via edX
El curso de Arduino está orientado a público infantil y juvenil; los exploradores, es decir, los estudiantes, serán invitados a participar en varias misiones para que una nave espacial llegue a la tierra sana y salva.

Excel Power Tools for Data Analysis
Macquarie University via Coursera
Welcome to Excel Power Tools for Data Analysis. In this four-week course, we introduce Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI, three power tools for transforming, analysing and presenting data.

Digital Marketing Analytics: Tools and Techniques
University of Maryland, College Park via edX
Learn how to leverage leading tools and approaches to digital marketing data analysis. Dive into SEO and Paid search strategies, web analytics, online testing, machine learning and AI/Big Data applications to strengthen your digital marketing efforts and leverage your resources most effectively.

Database Design and Basic SQL in PostgreSQL
University of Michigan via Coursera
In this course you will learn more about the historical design of databases and the use of SQL in the PostgreSQL environment.

Game Design and Development 1: 2D Shooter
Michigan State University via Coursera
If you love games and want to learn how to make them, then this course will start you down that path.

Deploying TinyML
Harvard University via edX
Learn to program in TensorFlow Lite for microcontrollers so that you can write the code, and deploy your model to your very own tiny microcontroller. Before you know it, you’ll be implementing an entire TinyML application.

Learn Like a Pro: Science-Based Tools to Become Better at Anything
via edX
Do you spend too much time learning, with disappointing results? Do you put off studying because it’s boring and you’re easily distracted? This course is for you!
★★★★★ (89 ratings)

Excel for Everyone: Data Analysis Fundamentals
The University of British Columbia via edX
Perform advanced data wrangling, analysis and dashboard visualization to help drive strategic decision-making.

Data Structures & Algorithms I: ArrayLists, LinkedLists, Stacks and Queues
Georgia Institute of Technology via edX
Work with the principles of data storage in Arrays, ArrayLists & LinkedList nodes. Understand their operations and performance with visualizations. Implement low-level linear, linked data structures with recursive methods, and explore their edge cases. Extend these structures to the Abstract Data Types, Stacks, Queues and Deques.

Uncommon Sense Teaching
via Coursera
You’ll discover why you should help students use two different neural routes to help them be both flexible and fast in their learning.
★★★★★ (149 ratings)

Methods of molecular biology
St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University via Coursera
This multidisciplinary course will be interesting for students and specialists in the field of chemistry, ecology, mathematics, physics, medicine, and legal sciences, as well as to a wider audience, since it reveals various aspects of molecular biology and its methodological tools in an interesting and comprehensive language.

Scripting with Python
Southern New Hampshire University via edX
Explore fundamental programming with hands-on activities that help you build applications using Python.

Get Started With Digital Marketing
Coventry University via FutureLearn
What is digital marketing and why is it so valuable to businesses in today’s world? Find out with Coventry University Online.

Building your Screenplay
University of Cambridge via edX
Learn to strengthen you skills as a screenwriter, while diversifying your knowledge and understanding of the demands of global film and TV production.

Cybersecurity for Everyone
University of Maryland, College Park via Coursera
Cybersecurity is not only for computer scientists and engineers. And it affects everyone. If you want your organization to understand how to better address your cybersecurity, this is the course for you and your colleagues to take -- especially your non-technical colleagues.

CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing
IGNOU via Swayam
The Computer Aided design (CAD) is a Process use of Computers and software’s to aid in the creation, Modification, Analysis, or Optimization of a design.

Programación en Python
Universidad de los Andes via Coursera
¡Te damos la bienvenida al curso de Programación en Python de la Universidad de los Andes!

Launch Your Online Business
State University of New York via Coursera
Learners who complete the course will gain an understanding of different business models, learn strategies for naming their business, and so on.

Operations Research (1): Models and Applications
National Taiwan University via Coursera
This course introduces frameworks and ideas about various types of optimization problems in the business world. In particular, we focus on how to formulate real business problems into mathematical models that can be solved by computers.

С/C++ for competitive programming
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology via Coursera
The "C/C++ for competitive programming" online course will introduce the basic concepts of the language, such as variables, data types.

Penetration Testing - Discovering Vulnerabilities
New York University (NYU) via edX
Learn fundamentals of penetration testing, including an Introduction to Penetration Testing Methodologies, Recognisance and Enumeration for Penetration Testers, Scanning and Vulnerability Enumeration.

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java I: Foundations and Syntax Basics
Georgia Institute of Technology via edX
Learn the foundational basics of the Java programming language.

Principles of Engineering
King's College London via FutureLearn
Gain a fascinating introduction to engineering principles and learn about key engineering skills, processes, and technologies.

Academic Writing in English for ESL Learners
University College London via FutureLearn
Develop your academic writing skills in English as a second language (ESL) learner and advance your English writing at university.

Let's Get Started: Building Self-Awareness
University System of Maryland via edX
Effective leaders know themselves well. They capitalize on their strengths and manage their weaknesses using self-awareness.Learn how self-aware you are and how you can use self-awareness to intentionally develop your management and leadership skills.
★★★★★ (54 ratings)

Essentials Of Data Science With R Software - 2: Sampling Theory And Linear Regression Analysis
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur via Swayam
The introductory tools of sampling theory and regression analysis are detailed in this course. How to use them with the popular free R statistical software R and what are the interpretations of the outcome is the objective of the course to be taught..  

Anatomy of the Upper and Lower Extremities
Yale University via Coursera
This course has two main parts, one for the lower extremity and the other for the upper extremity.  We will show how the various systems that supply and organize the limb control its function.

Advanced Fluid Mechanics 1: Fundamentals
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
Learn the fundamental principles underlying fluid dynamics; including the kinematics of deformation, hydrostatics & buoyancy, inviscid flow and the application of Bernoulli’s theorems, as well as applications of control volume analysis for more complex problems of engineering interest.

Marketing digital en redes sociales
Universitat Politècnica de València via edX
Aprende todo lo que necesitas saber para que tu marca o empresa se posicione en el mercado, obtenga nuevos clientes, aumente sus ventas y rentabilice al máximo la inversión de publicidad en redes sociales.
★★★★☆ (10 ratings)

AI & Law
Lund University via Coursera
The course aims to equip members of the general public with an elementary ability to understand the meaningful potential of AI for their own lives. The course also aims to enable members of the general public to understand the consequences of using AI and to allow them to interact with AIs in a responsible, helpful, conscientious way.
Manejo del enfermo semicrítico y crítico por COVID-19
University of Barcelona via Coursera
Después de realizar este curso serás capaz de conocer los elementos clave del abordaje del paciente crítico y semicrítico por COVID-19, basados en la evidencia científica disponible y que puedan ayudarte en la toma de decisiones clínicas.

Numerical Methods for Engineers
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera
The course contains 74 short lecture videos and MATLAB demonstrations. After each lecture or demonstration, there are problems to solve or programs to write. The course is organized into six weeks, and at the end of each week there is an assessed quiz and a longer programming project.
★★★★★ (12 ratings)

Introduction to Java and Object-Oriented Programming
University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
This course provides an introduction to the Java language and object-oriented programming, including an overview of Java syntax and how it differs from a language like Python.  

Algorithms for Searching, Sorting, and Indexing
University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera
This course covers basics of algorithm design and analysis, as well as algorithms for sorting arrays, data structures such as priority queues, hash functions, and applications such as Bloom filters.

Global Housing Design
Delft University of Technology via edX
Learn about the key design strategies required to develop adequate housing and inclusive dwelling environments for sustainable urban development.

Word Forms and Simple Present Tense
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
In this course, “Word Forms and Simple Present Tense,” you will learn about different word forms, like nouns, proper nouns, plural forms and singular forms. You will learn when to use the articles “a” and “an.”

Professional Business Presentations
Doane University via edX
Professional Business Presentations, will dive into the world of presenting information both in written and verbal form. This course discusses how to effectively create presentations with quality formatting, the proper design elements and organization.

Let’s Get Personal: Working with Personality Type
University System of Maryland via edX
Effective leaders capitalize on their strengths & manage their weaknesses. Build your power skills by understanding the MBTI, personality type assessment, and how to use your type to your greatest advantage as an effective leader.
★★★★☆ (5 ratings)

Leadership: Creating Public Value
Harvard University via edX
In Leadership: Creating Public Value, learn how to face and meet today’s challenges and design a public value proposition that is both actionable and value creating.

TOEFL Reading and Listening Sections Skills Mastery
University of California, Irvine via Coursera
This course prepares non-native speakers of English to take the reading and listening sections of the TOEFL iBT exam. This course takes a close look at every type of listening and reading question that you may encounter on the test and provides effective strategies for tackling each type.

Computer Vision and Image Processing – Fundamentals and Applications
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati via Swayam
The intent of this course is to familiarize the students to explain the fundamental concepts/issues of Computer Vision and Image Processing, and major approaches that address them.  

Estrategias de Emprendimiento
Tecnológico de Monterrey via Coursera
Este curso busca ayudar al emprendedor a ser capaz de desarrollar un plan de operación y expansión, basado en la generación de objetivos de estabilización y crecimiento para su negocio, a partir de sus fortalezas y oportunidades detectadas, así como de un análisis de su situación actual, aprovechando así las oportunidades del entorno y adecuando su Modelo de Negocio y sus estrategias financieras, mismas que plasmará en un Pitch para presentar su plan a todos los Stakeholders actuales y futuros.

Efficient HVAC Systems
Delft University of Technology via edX
Learn how to decide on efficient combinations of energy conversion systems and how to distribute and control air and energy flows in buildings whilst minimizing carbon emissions and optimizing thermal comfort in close consideration with the architect.

Pre-University Physics
Delft University of Technology via edX
Prepare for your technical studies by reviewing the fundamentals of physics. Become familiar with the way physics and physics-related topics are taught at university level.

US-China Relations: Past, Present and Future
National University of Singapore via edX
This course will provide an overview of the economic, military, political and cultural dimensions of the rising United States-China geopolitical contest. It will examine the strategic perspectives and mistakes of both countries, and suggest what can be done to prevent further escalation of the contest.

Cell Biology: Cellular organization, division and processes
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore via Swayam
This course focuses on cell organization, and the molecules and intracellular processes crucial for life and inheritance. A particular emphasis is on DNA transactions such as chromosome organization, replication, chromosome segregation, etc.  

Implant Dentistry
The University of Hong Kong via edX
Learn Implant Dentistry from world-class specialists and researchers! Join the state of art in the biology, the technology and clinical management in implant dentistry today!

Digital Marketing and Data Driven Analytics
Tecnológico de Monterrey via edX
Digital Marketing is the backbone element which uses platforms and digital technologies, such as any kind of device to maintain connected to the users. Once the users are part of this ecosystem, the companies convert this random data in accurate algorithms to improve the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.

Foundations of Finance
University of Cambridge via edX
This course provides a rigorous, but straightforward, introduction to the key concepts of financial understanding. Using real-world case studies and practitioner interviews, as well as timely knowledge checks, you will integrate your new knowledge and problem solving skills with practical application. No prior knowledge is required or assumed.

Effective Programming in Scala
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne via Coursera
Scala is an expressive and versatile programming language. In this course, you will learn how to get the most out of Scala to solve common programming tasks such as modeling business domains, breaking down complex problems into simpler problems, manipulating data, or running parallel tasks.

Algebra: Elementary to Advanced - Equations & Inequalities
Johns Hopkins University via Coursera
This course is intended for students looking to create a solid algebraic foundation of fundamental mathematical concepts from which to take more advanced courses that use concepts from precalculus, calculus, probability, and statistics.

R Programming Fundamentals
Stanford University via edX
This course covers the basics of R: a free programming language and software environment used for statistical computing and graphics. R is widely used by data analysts, statisticians, and data scientists around the world.
Introducción a Power BI para los negocios
Universitat Politècnica de València via edX
Te presentamos los componentes de Power BI, te mostramos la herramienta gratuita Power BI Desktop y te enseñamos a usarla para cargar y tratar datos de diversas fuentes, relacionar los datos importados e incorporar medidas para extraer la información importante y manejar las visualizaciones gráficas más habituales y utilizar los filtros para presentarla de la mejor manera posible.
★★★★★ (19 ratings)

Adaptive Markets: Financial Market Dynamics and Human Behavior
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX
A completely new way of thinking about financial markets, institutions, and innovation that reconciles human behavior with market efficiency using concepts from evolutionary biology, cognitive neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.

Managing Conflicts on Projects with Cultural and Emotional Intelligence
University System of Maryland via edX
Great program managers understand and heal bad communication habits and conflicts that arise within project teams and stakeholders. Learn how by leveraging emotional and cultural intelligence using the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM).
★★★★★ (112 ratings)

Basic construction materials
Indian Institute of Technology Madras via Swayam
The course intends to provide basic information on the structure and properties of construction materials to undergraduate students. The contents of the course will focus on a fundamental understanding of the structure of common materials, the types of bonds, and mechanisms of damage and failure in materials.

UX Research
HEC Montréal via edX
In this MOOC you will learn how to connect with users at every step of a digital product’s life and how to develop empathy and recognize insights that will nourish the design and evaluation processes.

Crédito y cobranza
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México via Coursera
Este curso, ofrecido por la UNAM, se enfoca en la función crediticia, es decir, la importancia del crédito en el ciclo de los negocios, la determinación de necesidades de un departamento de crédito, las políticas de crédito, análisis de los solicitantes, así como su emisión, y todo lo relacionado con la recuperación de éstos, minimizando en todo momento los riesgos de incobrabilidad.

RF and millimeter-Wave Circuit Design
Eindhoven University of Technology via Coursera
This unique Master-level course offered by the Center for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWT/e) of the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, provides students with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on RF and mmWave circuit design.

Foundations of Sports Analytics: Data, Representation, and Models in Sports
University of Michigan via Coursera
This course provides an introduction to using Python to analyze team performance in sports. Learners will discover a variety of techniques that can be used to represent sports data and how to extract narratives based on these analytical techniques.

Deep Learning - IIT Ropar
Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar via Swayam
In this course we will learn about the building blocks used in these Deep Learning based solutions. Specifically, we will learn about feedforward neural networks, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks and attention mechanisms.  

Financial Modeling
Higher School of Economics via Coursera
.In this course you will learn how to build for your project a financial model with all reports and ratios that used in project finance. We will go through the path from a blank Excel workbook, discuss the best practice for financial modeling, dig into technical and financial aspects of the methods and ratios that we use in the model.

(Basic French : Course 1) BFLI 001:Parler de soi / Talking About Oneself
IGNOU via Swayam
This course is aimed at teaching basic communication skills in French to the learner. It has sections on introducing oneself, speaking about oneself and simple introduction conversations, with exercises and activities

Introduction to Korean Philosophy and Culture
Sungkyunkwan University via Coursera
This course will give you the cultural and historical background to begin your journey into Korean philosophy, and there is no prerequisite knowledge on philosophy required.
★★★★★ (1 rating)

Korean for Beginners: Step 1
Saint Petersburg State University via Coursera
In our course, you will be able to not only master Korean on an elementary level, but also gain the necessary knowledge about the Korean culture and traditions, which is crucial in learning the language.
★★★★★ (2 ratings)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure
Duke University via Coursera
In this first course, we begin by exploring the origins of DeFi and take a broad historical view from the earliest barter economies, such as the first peer-to-peer exchanges of bartering, to present day.

Renewable Energy: Fundamentals and Job Opportunities
University at Buffalo via Coursera
This course prepares you to recognize the complexities and nuances of different renewable energy solutions, as well as relevant career opportunities (both technical occupations and roles not typically associated with clean energy).

Programa con Python
The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana via edX
En este MOOC, aprenderás a desarrollar tus primeros programas en Python, un lenguaje de programación que, por su simplicidad y posibilidades, permite la creación de programas sencillos, de forma rápida y ágil. Este es tu primer paso para desarrollar habilidades básicas de programación.

Probability Theory: Foundation for Data Science
University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera
Understand the foundations of probability and its relationship to statistics and data science.  We’ll learn what it means to calculate a probability, independent and dependent outcomes, and conditional events.  

Self-Driving Cars with Duckietown
ETH Zurich via edX
The first robotics and AI MOOC with scale-model self-driving cars. Learn state-of-the-art autonomy with your own real robot (Duckiebot).

Stand Up!; Comedy Writing and Performance Poetry
University of Cambridge via edX
Prepare to perform your comic writing and/or poetry to a live audience, as well as develop transferable writing skills and communication expertise that will be relevant in any profession. This course will broaden your understanding how to structure a stand-up comedy set, as well as allow you to understand how to use narrative form in your performance poetry texts.

Density Functional Theory
École Polytechnique via Coursera
The aim of this course is to give a thorough introduction to Density Functional Theory (DFT). DFT is today the most widely used method to study interacting electrons, and its applicability ranges from atoms to solid systems, from nuclei to quantum fluids. In this course, we introduce the most important concepts underlying DFT, its foundation, and basic ideas.

English Language Learning Through Sustainability
University of Otago via FutureLearn
Are you an EAL student interested in sustainability? Develop your vocabulary to effectively communicate sustainability issues.

Workplace Wellbeing: How to Build Confidence and Manage Stress
Luleå University of Technology via FutureLearn
Discover workplace wellbeing through stress management, building self-esteem, task prioritisation, and healthy relationships.

Rebuilding Our Relationship with Food
Stanford University via Coursera
In this course, we’ll explore the history of our changing food environment, the science behind cravings for unhealthy foods AND most importantly, you’ll learn some concrete strategies for rebuilding your relationship with food.

Competitive Programming for Beginners
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology via Coursera
This online course will help you to join the world of competitive programming and even become worldwide competitions participant! The course includes theoretical and practical aspects that are necessary to solve problems of any difficulties.