by Syed Fazle Rahman

Now you can support freeCodeCamp by answering programming questions on Hashnode then donating the cyptocurrency you earn

Hey there! ?

My name is Fazle and I run Hashnode, a friendly and inclusive community for software developers.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Hashnode yet, you can start by checking out this Ask-Me-Anything that freeCodeCamp creator Quincy Larson did a few months ago.

Last week, Hashnode announced the ✨ Crypto Rewards Program ✨ which rewards developers (in cryptocurrencies) for asking questions and writing answers.

Here’s the gist of the program:

  • If you ask a question on Hashnode and we decide to attach a bounty to it, you receive a fixed amount of Stellar Lumens (XLM).
  • If you answer a question that carries a bounty, and the community selects it the best answer (by up-voting ? and appreciating ?), you will receive the bounty amount.

The bounty amount is always in Stellar Lumens (XLM) cryptocurrency. You can read the full announcement and understand how it works here.

Donating your bounties to freeCodeCamp

Recently, some community members reached out to us asking if they can donate their earned cryptocurrencies to nonprofits that are helping developers.

I have been in touch with Quincy Larson for quite some time and absolutely love freeCodeCamp and his work. Hence, we decided to collaborate and help Hashnode users donate their crypto rewards directly to freeCodeCamp.

On Hashnode, you can enable the option “Donate my earnings to freeCodeCamp” in your settings page. Once enabled, your earned Stellar Lumens will automatically be transferred to freeCodeCamp’s wallet at each payout.

You can always track the amount of cryptocurrencies you have donated and your public profile will showcase your support for freeCodeCamp.

Enough talk. Help me get started!

Here’s how you can get started right now:

  • Login or register on Hashnode. It takes less than 6 seconds to join.
  • Update your XLM wallet address in your settings and enable “Donate to freeCodeCamp” option.
  • Browse questions that have bounty and answer the ones you like. If it gets the maximum upvotes and appreciations by the community, you will be rewarded the bounty.


  • Ask a question as you would normally do on Hashnode. If it’s selected as a reward question by the Hashnode team, you receive a fixed bounty amount.

Share your programming wisdom and help a good cause

We are super excited about this collaboration. Help us spread the word to as many developers as possible by clapping and sharing this article. ?

Looking forward to your participation in the Crypto Rewards Program. :)