An important use for computer vision and deep learning is self driving cars. Perception and Computer Vision forms about 80% of the work that Self Driving Cars do to drive around. If you want to improve your deep learning skills, this is a great topic to learn about.

We just published a deep learning course on the YouTube channel all about Perception for Self-Driving Car.

Sakshay Mahna created this course. Sakshay is a machine learning engineer and an excellent teacher.

This course focuses on the different tasks that a Self Driving Car Perception unit would be required to do. All the projects here involve Deep Learning, which is a crucial component of Computer Vision.

You will use real-world data and popular deep learning techniques to create your own algorithms for perception.

Here are the topics you will learn about in this course.

  • Fully Convolutional Network for Road Segmentation
  • YOLO for 2D Object Detection
  • Deep SORT for Object Tracking
  • KITTI 3D Data Visualization for Homogenous Transformations
  • Multi Task Attention Network (MTAN) for Multi Task Learning
  • SFA 3D for 3D Object Detection
  • UNetXST for Camera to Bird's Eye View

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (2-hour watch).