On this week's episode of the freeCodeCamp podcast, Abbey chats with developer and wearer of many hats Princiya about how she changed careers, moved to Berlin, and worked her way up to a lead role.

Princiya grew up in India and studied computer science in school - like many of her family members and friends. She even taught some computer science and web development classes at the university level, but missed coding. So she decided to get back into it.

After working at a startup and starting to speak at conferences, Princiya took a trip to Berlin that changed her life. The community was welcoming, she made some great connections, and ended up applying to and getting a job there soon after.

Princiya now works at a startup in Berlin where she's also in charge of the recruitment process. She's a maintainer at Firefox Dev Tools, a Mozilla Tech Speaker, and an active and enthusiastic mentor. She attends many local meetups in her community and strongly believes in giving back to the groups that helped her get her start in her new city.

In this episode, Princiya shares how she worked her way up to a lead role, why she believes the hiring process needs to change - and how she wants to change it - and how she's building healthy and productive relationships within her team and organization. She also discusses why she loves being a mentor, how communities can help young developers, and why she believes in the therapeutic power of doing the dishes - among many other things.

When she's not helping her team work better together or working on her latest conference talk, she loves to cook and explore Berlin's food scene.  

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