freeCodeCamp's publication is selective, and we have a comprehensive editorial review process.

All of our publication's contributors agree to our Code of Conduct.

When applying to become contributors, all applicants pledge that they will properly cite the work of others and will not plagiarize.

freeCodeCamp's Editorial Process

Our editorial process is outlined in detail in the freeCodeCamp Publication Style Guide.

In short, our editorial process is as follows: First contributors pitch ideas to our editorial team. Once approved, authors use our style guide to compose their draft articles.

Then our editorial team conducts copy editing on these drafts, fact-checks them, and audits them for plagiarism.

Finally we publish the article to our readership of millions of software developers around the world.

How freeCodeCamp Handles Corrections

If we notice a broken link, broken image, or a typo that was somehow missed during the editing process, our editorial team will go ahead and make the edit directly.

If it is clear that a correction is needed, and is non-urgent, but we aren't sure how to make the correction, we will reach out to the author and figure out a proper edit.