Are you preparing for a technical programming interview for a software engineering role? If so, you might want to check out this new informative video, which features a mock full-length, real-world coding technical interview. This is a full-length interview between Keith Gali and Kylie Ying.

Keith, who is an experienced software engineer, conducts the interview, which covers two critical areas: object-oriented programming (OOP) and dynamic programming (DP). The interview is designed to simulate a real technical programming interview for software engineering, and it's a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their technical interviewing skills.

The first half of the mock interview focuses on OOP, where Keith asks Kylie to design a reading application based on a given library of books. Kylie will need to use her OOP skills to create a design that's efficient, scalable, and easy to maintain.

In the second half of the interview, Keith focuses on DP, asking Kylie to solve a problem by finding the max length of the longest common substring in two strings. This question requires advanced problem-solving skills, and Kylie will need to use her DP skills to come up with an efficient solution.

The video also includes timestamps for each section of the interview, making it easy to follow along and review specific sections. There's even a feedback chat at the end of the video, where Keith provides feedback on Kylie's performance, highlighting areas of strength and weakness. Kylie also evaluates her own performance and shares additional tips.

If you're looking to improve your technical interviewing skills or preparing for a technical programming interview for a software engineering role, this video is an excellent resource. It's suitable for both beginners and experienced developers, and it provides valuable insights into what to expect during a technical programming interview.

Watch the full interview on the YouTube channel (1-hour watch).