On today's episode of the freeCodeCamp Podcast, Quincy Larson interviews Sacha Greif, a designer, developer, and prolific open source project creator.

Sacha created the Vulcan.js framework, the Sidebar.io daily design newsletter, and so many other important projects in the developer community.

Most recently, Sacha started the State of JavaScript survey, where he asks developers a ton of questions about which web development tools they use. He just finished the third annual survey, and soon he'll release the results from the more than 20,000 developers who took the survey.

Sacha grew up in Paris. His grandparents were Jewish refugees  who fled to France from Poland during World War II. Sacha's father was an author who wrote books about computers, and shared this passion with his son.

Sacha has spent much of his adult life living abroad in China, Switzerland, and Japan. He and his wife currently live in Kyoto and they just had their first child.

During this interview, Sacha talks about how he got his start as a professional developer in Beijing, then got deeper and deeper into user interface design. He shares how his passion for both of these disciplines resulted in him creating so many important open source projects.

Sacha also talks about how he followed in his father's footsteps and wrote the "Discover Meteor" book - the most popular resource for Meteor.js - and how the book's financial success helped bankroll his other projects.

You can listen to the full interview here in your browser, or listen to the freeCodeCamp Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. (106 minute listen)