React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and it is frequently used to make user interfaces.

We just released a 9-hour course that will teach you to build 15 different projects using React. A few weeks ago we released a 10-hour React fundamentals course and this new project-based course is the perfect way to solidify the skills you learned in the React fundamentals course.

This course was developed by John Smilga, who runs the Coding Addict YouTube channel. He has been creating courses for many years on a variety of platforms.

You will learn to build the following projects in React:

  • Birthday Reminder
  • Tours Page
  • Reviews Page
  • Accordion
  • Menu
  • Tabs Portfolio
  • Slider
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator
  • Color Generator
  • Grocery List
  • Navbar
  • Sidebar and Model
  • Stripe Menu
  • Shopping Cart
  • Cocktail Page

You can see a working version of all the projects here. Also, code for all the code is provided.

Besides learning to create the projects, you will learn how to deploy and host them.

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (9-hour watch).