Imagine transforming your surroundings with interactive digital overlays, creating new experiences, and changing the way you interact with the world around you. Welcome to the future – the future of Augmented Reality (AR).

The YouTube channel just launched a comprehensive new course that will teach you how to implement Augmented Reality by creating four exciting projects. This course, developed by Priyanshu Bhattacharjee, is aimed at both beginners and more experienced developers who are interested in expanding their knowledge of Augmented Reality (AR).

About the Course

This course is focused on Markerless Augmented Reality, a type of AR where users can place various digital objects in space without the need for a physical marker. You will be guided through building four distinct AR projects, each with a different theme: Engineering, Education, E-commerce, and Creativity. Each project is built using the Unity Engine and AR Foundation, setting a solid foundation for your future AR endeavors.

To ensure you receive a rounded experience, each project is designed to expose you to different uses of AR. Whether it's learning about our solar system, simulating a jet turbine, creating an AR garden, or visualizing how different furniture could fit into your home, these real-world applications give you a clear view of the potential of AR.

What Will You Learn

The course is structured into five main sections:

Introduction to the Course & Project Demonstration: In this initial section, Priyanshu introduces you to the course, sets expectations, and provides a sneak peek into the projects you will be working on.

Building Planets AR with AR Foundation: The first project is an educational AR application named PlanetsAR. You will learn to develop an AR application that helps users learn about the planets in our solar system in an immersive and interactive way.

Building Jet Turbine Simulation with AR Foundation: The second project delves into the world of engineering. You'll create an AR simulation of a jet turbine, allowing users to understand its operation and functionality.

Building GardeniAR with AR Foundation: Here, you'll focus on the creative aspects of AR by building GardeniAR, an application that lets users plant a virtual garden in their own room.

Building Furnish AR with AR Foundation: The final project centers around e-commerce and product visualization. Inspired by AR solutions used by Amazon and Flipkart, you'll develop FurnishAR, an application that lets users visualize how different furniture fits into their homes, an innovative solution to reduce product returns.

Who is this Course for?

This course is designed to cater to anyone who wants to learn about Augmented Reality. Whether you are a beginner taking the first steps into AR, or a seasoned developer interested in expanding your skillset, this course offers valuable learning opportunities.

Final Thoughts is devoted to democratizing education and providing accessible, quality learning resources to all. This new Augmented Reality course aligns perfectly with this ethos.

Watch the full course on the YouTube channel (2-hour watch).