Here are three links worth your time:

  1. The CIA just lost control of its hacking arsenal. Here’s what you need to know (5 minute read)
  2. A few minutes ago, I live-interviewed a famous 14-year-old chatbot developer (24 minute watch)
  3. How we convinced founder-angels to invest in our developer tool startup (6 minute read)

Bonus: The developer who built Google Interview University just got a new job… at Amazon (2 minute read)

Happy International Women’s Day!

Thought of the day:

“With software there are only two possibilities: either the users control the program or the program controls the users. If the program controls the users, and the developer controls the program, then the program is an instrument of unjust power.” — Richard Stallman, creator of the GNU Project

Funny of the day:

Webcomic by Poorly Drawn Lines

Study group of the day:

freeCodeCamp Stockholm

Happy coding!

– Quincy Larson, teacher at freeCodeCamp