Git Cherry Pick

The git cherry-pick command applies the changes introduced by some existing commits. This guide will be focusing on explaining this feature as much as possible but of course the real Git documentation will always come in handy.

Checkout an Existing Branch Cherry Pick from master

To apply the change introduced by the commit at the tip of the master branch and create a new commit with this change. Run the following command

git cherry-pick master

Check in a change from a different commit

To apply the change introduced by the commit at the particular hash value you want, run the following command

git cherry-pick {HASHVALUE}

This will add the changes included referenced in that commit, to your current repository

Apply certain commits from one branch to another

cherry-pick allows you to pick and choose between commits from one branch one to another. Let’s say you have two branches master and develop-1. In the branch develop-1 you have 3 commits with commit ids commit-1,commit-2 and commit-3. Here you can only apply commit-2 to branch master by:

git checkout master
git cherry-pick commit-2

If you encounter any conflicts at this point, you have to fix them and add them using git add and then you can use the continue flag to apply the cherry-pick.

git cherry-pick --continue

If you wish to abort a cherry-pick in between you can use the abort flag:

git cherry-pick --abort

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