by Briana Marie

Things Everyone Who’s Learning to Code Will Understand

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

When you discover a perfect library for something you just spent a ton of time coding from scratch:

When you’re writing a semi-complex algorithm:

When your code isn’t working and you don’t know why:

When you’re in the zone and someone tries to talk to you:

When you have no idea what other coders are talking about, but want to still seem cool:

The next day at work after you stayed up way too late working on a project:

When someone asks about something you know nothing about:

When someone you don’t know that well asks if you can fix their computer problem:

Trying to maintain spaghetti code:

When someone says “You don’t look like a programmer!”:

When your code is functioning as expected:

When your code is successfully deployed:

When you fulfilled all of the client’s user stories…and then they change the user stories:

When you try out a new IDE:

When your CSS works exactly how you want it to:

When new Free Code Camp challenges come out:

When you were sure you’d pushed to your fav VCS before your computer died, but you were wrong:

When you forgot to eat while you were coding for all those hours:

When someone says their preferred browser is internet explorer:

When you don’t understand the errors your code is getting:

When you’re coding in public and you want the world to understand your frustration:

When you look back at your own code from long ago that you’re not super proud of:

When you know how to solve your team’s problem:

When you’re trying to use business lingo to make a meeting go faster:

When you aren’t sure how, but you know that last bit of code just broke everything. EVERYTHING.

When people ask how you like ES6:

When you spend hours fixing something that turned out to be super simple:

When you realize that you’ll never run out of problems to solve with code…and you love it:

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