by Briana Marie

Things People Learning to Code will Understand: Part 2

When you write code you can be proud of:

When you run your code for the first time, and it works as expected:

When someone mentions white board algorithms:

When you see brilliantly written code:

When you realize you pushed to production too soon, and it’s too late to fix:

When somebody actually spends their time trying to convince you that JavaScript isn’t worth learning:

When you get to sit down and code after busting through red tape of chores and other work:

When you get an error you’ve ever seen before:

When someone says “Oh, I can make websites too, I use (insert template building site here)”

When you FINALLY fix that bug:

When you FINALLY fix that bug, and then somehow, you didn’t actually:

Everything you hear about work/life balance in tech:

When — after hours of troubleshooting — all you to do was update a CDN link:

When everyone on your team disagrees about React vs Angular 2:

Why would you not use JSX?

When you hear “Women just make better designers than developers”:

When you force yourself to read documentation with a tired brain:

When you start talking about all the reasons you are learning to code:

When someone says, “Learning to code is easy!”:

When someone says “learning to code is hard, but worth it”:

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