Rest APIs are used all over the place. If you are learning the Spring Boot Java-based framework, you will need to know how to create one. We've released a full video course that will teach you how to create a Rest API using Spring Boot.

This course from Pair Learning will also demonstrate how to use PostgreSQL as the relational database and Spring JdbcTemplate for interacting with that. You will learn how to add authentication using JWT (JSON Web Tokens).

Here are the sections in this course:

  • Project Setup & Creating Database Objects
  • Persisting User Information on Register
  • Login and Hashing Password
  • JWT Authentication
  • Adding New Categories
  • Category - Find & Update Functionality
  • Adding Category Transactions
  • Transaction - Find and Update
  • Deleting - Category & Transactions
  • CORS & Testing from Web Client
  • Summary and Code

You can watch the full course on the YouTube channel (2 hour watch).