by Den McHenry


You’re Saying it Wrong

Because my opinions are the best opinions

While focusing on JavaScript to level up my web dev skills over the last several months, I’ve waged a silent war in my head over how everyone else seems to pronounce certain things.

Well, here at last is my declaration, and I will countenance no disagreement and no appeals to sensible arguments or respected authorities.

  • var rhymes with bear, not bar
var bear = true, bar = false;
  • tuts rhymes with boots, not butts
  • JSON sounds like Jason, not Khe Sanh
Okay, let’s parse this …
  • in regex/regexp, reg rhymes with leg, not ledge
  • names ending in -ify are consciously and playfully improper. They do not follow normal accentuation rules (i.e., not like PERson to perSONify). Browserify is BROWSer-ify, not brow-ZER-ify. JSONify is JASon-ify, not jay-SAHN-ify
  • jQuery is like, “Hey, Siri,” not “Hey, Jerry”
Hey, Jerry: get a job!
  • favicon is a “fave icon” and does not sound like “have a naan” (but don’t mind if I do)
  • SQL and its derivatives are cooler pronounced “sequel” rather than “ess queue el”

I know it may be difficult to break those habits, but change can happen. After decades on the wrong side of two bitter fights I finally own a Mac and pronounce gif with a soft G.


And so can you!