Today, the freeCodeCamp community turns 1,000 days old. We’ve accomplished a lot together in that time:

  • 6,000+ campers have gotten their first developer job.
  • 8,000+ other campers — who already had developer jobs — have used their new skills to get promoted or transition into even better jobs.
  • Campers now code together at freeCodeCamp study groups in 2,000+ cities around the world.
  • Together, campers have built open source tools used by dozens of nonprofits.
  • The community now runs Medium’s largest technology publication.
  • The community now runs a popular YouTube channel.
  • Thousands of people get help with coding every day on the freeCodeCamp forum.

1,000 days ago today, I launched a prototype from a desk in my closet. I wasn’t sure whether anyone would want to come code with me.

Well today, freeCodeCamp is a community of more than a million campers, driven by the contributions of thousands of passionate volunteers.

Thanks to the efforts of the community, anyone on Earth with an internet connection can now learn to code for free, at their own pace. freeCodeCamp has become a proven path to a first developer job.

And we’re just getting started. Here are some of our goals for the next 1,000 days of freeCodeCamp:

  • An expanded curriculum that covers topics like testing and security, with additional certificates
  • A coding interview preparation tool with thousands of algorithm and data structure challenges, and hundreds of projects for extra practice
  • Concept guides for important subjects like math, computer science, and design, and advanced topics like machine learning and blockchain
  • Dozens more Open Source for Good tools, which will save nonprofits millions of dollars in software costs

All of this — including the verified certificates — will remain 100% free.

freeCodeCamp is a donor-supported nonprofit. If you want to help us improve even faster, you can help us cover servers and other costs by setting up a donation you can afford.

Thanks for being part of the freeCodeCamp community.

Here’s to another exciting 1,000 days!