by Ayo Isaiah

10 more podcasts that new coders should listen to in 2017


It’s been almost a year since I published my article about the best podcasts for new coders and the best tools for listening to them. Since then, I’ve discovered several more superb shows that have changed my learning experience for the better.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or already working in the industry, there is sure to be something useful for you.

Here’s my take on the best programming podcasts to learn about coding on the go. These will help you keep stay up-to-date with the latest tools and practices in 2017.

1. Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio is one of my favorite podcasts. Host Adam Wathan is joined by a guest a couple of times a month to discuss how to build great software products. Some of the prominent topics discussed include testing, best practices in code architecture, and software design.


2. Learn To Code With Me

Learn To Code With Me is another favorite of mine and is hosted by Forbes Contributor, Laurence Bradford, who only started teaching herself to code just over two years ago. As you can imagine, this podcast is beginner-friendly. It’s focused on topics that are relevant to refining the learning process, eliminating distractions, and getting a job in tech.


3. Ctrl + Click Podcast

Although not necessarily geared towards beginners, Ctrl+Click Cast features high quality interviews with industry professionals. It should give you an informed perspective on how to go about designing and developing websites and apps. Topics discussed include Content Management Systems, User Experience Design, performance, and eCommerce.


4. Start Here FM

Start Here is a noob-friendly podcast which I strongly recommend, although new episodes aren’t released as often as I’d like. Nevertheless, it has 30 episodes at the time I’m writing this. Each is filled with plenty of discussion around topics like how to know when you’re job ready, how to network, freelancing, and more.


5. Hello World Podcast

Host Shawn Wildermuth interviews veteran software developers about how they got started in the industry, and how they overcame the various difficulties they faced on their way to achieving success. Listening to this podcast reminds me that I can achieve anything with a little bit of persistence and hard work. I believe it will be valuable for you, too.


6. Away from the Keyboard

Away From The Keyboard is a technical but casual podcast that deals with the more human aspect of software development. It features the stories of individuals and how they got into tech, but a lot of the conversation also revolves around what it’s like to hold a technical position, and the things they do outside of tech.


7. Simple Programmer

This podcast — which is really just the audio version of John Sonmez’s YouTube videos — is focused on helping software developers of all levels get ahead in their careers. While there are sometimes shows on specific technologies, the most valuable content you can get here are those that discuss how to improve your people skills, mental health, and productivity as a developer. Many of the topics discussed will be particularly helpful if you’re in the early stages of your journey into tech.


8. Software Engineering Radio

Software Engineering Radio is an interview-based show that offers plenty of insight into how software is built and how developers put new knowledge into practice. Even though the podcast is targeted at professional developers, I think everyone can get some useful ideas out of it. I really enjoyed the interview with John Sonmez on marketing yourself and managing your career, so that’s a good place to start.


9. .Net Rocks

Don’t be fooled by the name, .Net Rocks has useful content for developers of all experiences and technological stacks. Although many of their shows are around the Microsoft .NET platform, they also cover other topics in software development including JavaScript frameworks, building mobile apps, and DevOps. There are over 1,300 episodes to date, so you can pore through the archives and tune into specific episodes that are of interest to you.


10. HanselMinutes

Hanselminutes is an excellent podcast for those who want a fresh perspective on topical issues in software development from respected individuals in the industry. The topics vary widely and typically cover the latest technologies. Most episodes are wrapped up in around 30 minutes — just long enough to cover your office commute.


Bonus — Mixergy

Many people learn to code in the hope of starting their own business. If that’s your goal, I suggest that you listen to Mixergy on a regular basis. They have an outstanding collection of interviews with successful entrepreneurs who share their daily struggles, challenges, victories and most importantly, tips on how you can run a successful business.

If you’re thinking of launching a startup in the future, this show will give you insight into how proven entrepreneurs do their thing, and lessons you can apply yourself toward building a successful business.


That’s it from me, I’m genuinely curious to know what your favorite coding podcasts are so please drop a line in the comments if you have any recommendations.

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