Are you looking to improve your Python skills? Try coding these 20 Python projects!

We just posted a video course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to create 20 fun Python projects.

Tomi Tokko created this course. Tomi has created a bunch of really popular tutorials both on his own channel and on the channel.


These beginner projects are perfect for beginner's who want to practice their Python skills. Here are the projects you will build in this course:

  • Email Sender
  • Word Replacement Program
  • Basic Calculator
  • Email Slicer
  • Binary Search Algorithm
  • Quiz Program
  • QR Code Generator
  • Interest Payment Calculator
  • Random Password Generator
  • Dice Rolling Simulator
  • Site Connectivity Checker
  • Currency Converter
  • Leap Year Checker
  • Word Dictionary
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Python Face Detection
  • Python Automation
  • Web Scraper
  • Image Resizer
  • Graph Plotter

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (3-hour watch).