These days, more and more universities are offering for-credit programs through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

What started with a small number of degree programs, such as the iMBA from the University of Illinois (Coursera) and Georgia Tech’s Online Master of Science in Computer Science (Udacity), has given way to dozens of MOOC-based programs that can confer university credit.

Many of these new programs are essentially partial degrees. For example, edX’s MicroMasters can result in college credit amounting to around one semester of a master’s degree. Some of these online courses are the exact same as what on-campus students take.

The catch — and yes, there is a catch — is that in most cases, in order to convert MOOC coursework into university credit, you have to be enrolled in a program at a university. And that usually means going through an admissions process and paying tuition.

Still, it is significant that the general public can audit the very same courses that paying students are taking for university credit.

I recently made a list of all the courses I could find that are part of for-credit programs and are still free to access. My search turned up at least 370 courses from 49 different universities, on topics spanning technology, business, the arts, and engineering.

Notably, the two-degree MOOC-based degree programs I mentioned earlier (iMBA and OMSCS) are both available to audit for free in their entirety.

Here’s the full list of for-credit MOOCs that you can access for free

Business (140)

Computer Science (55)

Data Science (28)

Art & Design (35)

Engineering (23)

Social Sciences (33)

Personal Development (7)

Programming (9)

Health & Medicine (5)

Science (15)

Education & Teaching (9)

Humanities (1)

Mathematics (1)