Here are three links worth your time:

  1. A Czech developer built this mouth synthesizer that runs right in your browser. Be sure to turn your sound on. (1 minute watch + interactive app)
  2. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spent years and $10 million to put together a massive open dataset about US government spending, which he launched this morning (6 minute read)
  3. Going from “What is Blockchain?” to building a blockchain, in less than an hour (7 minute read)

Thought of the day:

“I’m pretty much convinced that if you want a team to go fast, a feeling of momentum is more important than a sense of urgency.” — Elisabeth Hendrickson

Funny of the day:

Webcomic by XKCD

(the Martian day is 24 hours and 37 minutes)

Study group of the day:

freeCodeCamp Hyderabad

Happy coding!

– Quincy Larson, teacher at freeCodeCamp

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