These charts were created by Kamranahmedse. They visualize three roadmaps to becoming a web developer.

Even though I disagree with some of his suggestions (I recommend you starting building projects almost immediately — and you will with freeCodeCamp’s curriculum), I still think this is worth reading. It will give you a birds-eye view of the modern tools that web developers use.

Here’s his chart for front-end development:


And for back-end development:


And for DevOps, which he views as an extension of back-end development:


Don’t be intimidated by all this. freeCodeCamp will teach you many of these web development tools for free. And you’ll build dozens of projects — and contribute to open source — in the process.

I encourage you to make use of all the awesome free resources out there on the internet. And if you’re looking for a solid core curriculum, we’ve got you covered.

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