Every article you’ve read here on the freeCodeCamp community Medium publication has been edited with care by a volunteer contributor. And in many cases, that contributor has been Abbey.

Abbey has edited more than 200 articles and podcast episodes as a volunteer editor.

And starting in February, Abbey is working full time for the freeCodeCamp.org nonprofit, overseeing the Medium publication and podcast.

She’s also leading the effort to create a Study Group Handbook that will make it easier for people to lead their local freeCodeCamp study groups.

How I met Abbey

Last summer, I put out a call for editors to help me with the huge influx of submissions to the freeCodeCamp community Medium publication. Within 24 hours, Abbey was helping edit these articles. I was immediately impressed with how deeply she thought about each story.

freeCodeCamp has several other prolific volunteer editors who help out each week, including Toni Shortsleeve, Julia Bourbois, and Julia Chen here in the US; Peter Gleeson in the UK; Charles Freeborn Eteure in Nigeria; and Zoheb Ainapore in Australia.

Abbey will help support the efforts of these editors, while continuing to edit articles herself.

Abbey is a seasoned editor and writer, and is passionate about technology and education.

At UC Berkeley, she studied archeology and spent eight summers excavating ancient sites in Greece and Jordan. She later got her master’s degree in Latin from the University of Texas Austin.

Abbey with her husband Joe at the Roman colosseum in Fall 2017.

She’s currently a digital nomad exploring Europe with her husband, Joe, who’s a software engineer.

You can keep track of Abbey’s travels and her contributions to the freeCodeCamp community by following her on Twitter.