Angular is one of the most popular web frameworks.

We just released a course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to create an Angular 11 project from scratch. It uses a public API to create a game database website. You will gain a great foundation for building Angular applications.

This course was created by Slobodan Gajic. Slobodan has been using Angular for years and is great at explaining how everything ties together.

You will learn how to how to set up a project using Angular CLI, how to create components, how to make http calls, how to implement http interceptors, how to make services.

Also you will learn how to set up routes for your application and how to pass data with routes between the components. You will learn to use pipes and various Angular directives like ngFor, ngIf, and more.

Here are all the sections in this course:

  • Installation of project and modules
  • Search bar component
  • Styling search bar
  • Creating home component
  • Creating routes
  • Styling home component
  • Creating http service
  • Creating typescript models
  • Creating http interceptors
  • Implementing home component
  • Implementing sort menu
  • Creating details component
  • Styling details component
  • Details tabs component
  • Styling tabs
  • Implementing data into tabs
  • Final review

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (75 minute watch).