Here are a few reasons to stay home this New Year’s Eve:

Time’s Square during last year’s New Year’s Eve celebration, packed with brave souls who can go all night without a bathroom break.

And most importantly, if you go out, you’ll miss #Open2017.


#Open2017 is a 4-hour interactive live stream — for developers, by developers.

We’ll get started one hour before the ball drops in New York City, then continue streaming until midnight in San Francisco.

That’s right — we’re going to ring in the new year 4 times — each time with exciting new guests:


My co-host will be Briana Swift, a long-time Free Code Camp contributor who also now works at GitHub. Wesley McCann will oversee our audio/video for this event.

Together, our community will recap 2016, talk about tech, and explore what coding will be like in 2017.

The entire event will be free and open to all.

If you want to tune in and participate in our live chat, you can:

  1. Add #Open2017 to your calendar (if you use Google Calendar it’s as simple as clicking this link).
  2. Subscribe to our community’s YouTube channel so you’ll get an email notification when we start streaming.
  3. Tweet about it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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