There are many JSON structure documentation tool, I have build one more for my office work .

For me i can classify them in :

1. Code decorative tools

Tools that require to add an annotation in code and then tools generate documentation out it For eg: swagger

2. Declarative tools

Tools that require to fill text in a particular schema, then tools parse it and generate documentation view. For eg: Json Schema specification

Why create another tool?

Existing tools requires a strong/clear understanding of what Json represents
It assumes that all team member/teams understand the schema to define/edit it.

But, in practical I found people sharing request response in google-doc to get approval.
Google-doc is fine but when I share a proposed response of my service in nested Json format in google-doc ,other teams struggles to understand it, play with it and make an intuited mind model of it.

Hence, created a tool where one can:

1 . Add a JSON structure and share it with a link .
2. Other team can play with the Json tree structure.
3. A documentation panel where one can view/add documentation.

Source Code:

motivation: Personal problem at work