Augmented reality is a technology that lets people superimpose digital content, such as images, sounds & text, over a real-world environment.

We just published a 12-hour course on the YouTube channel that will teach you about augmented reality from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Priyanshu Bhattaharjee developed this course. He has many years experience in AR development and has taught classes about AR at multiple colleges.

In this course you will learn to develop AR mobile applications and AR filters for Instagram and Facebook from scratch. You will also learn about concepts such as XR Fundamentals, Unity Engine, C#, Markerbased AR Development, and AR Filter development.

Here is the full syllabus for the course:

Module 1: Introduction To Extended Reality

  • Augmented Reality
  • Marker Based AR
  • Marker Less AR
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • XR Market Size

Module 2: Introduction to Unity Engine

  • Introduction & Installation
  • Navigating through interface
  • Game Objects
  • Materials
  • Scenes
  • Project Structure
  • Creating our first C# Script
  • Modifying Components
  • Prefabs
  • Physics and Collision
  • Audio
  • Designing User Interfaces

Module 3: Introduction to C# Scripting

  • Introduction
  • Comments, Variables and Data Types
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • If Else, Else If
  • Inline if
  • Switch Case
  • Loops
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do While Loop
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Classes and Objects

Module 4: Marker Based Augmented Reality

  • Introduction and Architecture
  • Software Development Kits
  • Vuforia Engine
  • Installation and Setting Up Vuforia Engine
  • Free Resources for developing AR Applications
  • Image Targets and Image Tracking
  • Simultanous Image Tracking
  • Virtual Buttons
  • Video Playback

Module 5: Projects

  • AR Car Customizer
  • AR Business Card
  • AR Encyclopedia

Module 6: Bonus - AR Filters with Spark AR

  • Introduction to Spark AR
  • Interface
  • Face Tracking
  • Face Mesh
  • Head Occluder

Module 7: Bonus - Projects

  • 3D Face Filter

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (12-hour watch).