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Best Gitter channels for: Game Developers

Today we have probably the most fun collection of Gitter communities — those for game developers. No matter if you’ve already spent hours developing and playing games, or if you are looking to get started; no matter if you are into indie fantasy games or tic tac toe — you will find something for yourself. (Our team’s personal favourite is Particle Clicker — game teaching the history of high energy particle physics). Get lost in the open source world of gamers on Gitter, and be prepared to stay there for hours…

  • FreeCodeCamp/GameDev FreeCodeCamp’s chat about designing and developing video games.
  • Cockatrice/CockatriceA cross-platform virtual tabletop for multiplayer card games.
  • superpowers/dev 2D+3D game making for indies. Free and open source.
  • MonoGame One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. The spiritual successor to XNA with 1000’s of titles shipped across desktop, mobile, and console platforms. MonoGame is a fully managed .NET open source game framework without any black boxes.
  • GlowstonePlusPlus The enhanced Glowstone fork with an emphasis on performance, control and compatibility.
  • flying-squidA minecraft server written in node.js, modularized.
  • craftyjs/CraftyJavaScript Game Engine.
  • GLBoostGLBoost is a new WebGL library for realtime 3D graphics geeks. It’s a low-level library that takes away the pain of having to deal with routine WebGL API tasks without limiting your expressive power.
  • Planimeter/grid-sdk The Grid SDK — A 2D game engine built on LÖVE. Grid makes powerful concepts from 3D game engines accessible in a 2D game environment. It’s a lightweight and fast engine, and it provides many abstractions that you would otherwise need to write by hand for your projects or game jams.
  • SiliconStudio/xenkoXenko is a powerful cross-platform game engine.
  • FreezingMoon/AncientBeast Ancient Beast is free and open source turn based strategy indie game project, being developed by Freezing Moon and community. It uses web technologies such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript and Node.js, so that it’s playable from modern browsers without requiring plugins.
  • Circular-Studios/DashA free and open 3D game engine written in D.
  • JoelOtter/termloop Termloop is a pure Go game engine for the terminal, built on top of the excellent Termbox. It provides a simple render loop for building games in the terminal, and is focused on making terminal game development as easy and as fun as possible.
  • ebkalderon/amethystAmethyst aims to be a fast, data-oriented, and data-driven game engine suitable for rapid prototyping and iteration. It also tries to push the Rust programming language to its limits, driving further improvement and hopefully attracting more game developers toward the young and vibrant Rust ecosystem.
  • orx/orx Orx is a 2D-oriented, data-driven, portable game engine focused primarily on ease of use and powerful features.
  • PrismarineJS/prismarine-serverNodeJS Game Server compatible with Minecraft Client.
  • Curvytron/curvytronA web multiplayer Tron game like with curves.
  • yeahrb/yeahPractical Ruby video game framework.
  • Particle-clicker — An addictive incremental game that teaches players the history of high energy particle physics
  • ieee-tic-tac-toeThe CSU IEEE TIC-TAC-TOE game.

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